Why you should visit Dubai during Ramadan

A lot of people were surprised when I said that I’d chosen to book my trip to Dubai during Ramadan. Most reasons stemmed from fear of not being to drink in public, or having to eat behind screens, something which sounds particularly worse than it is. I’d like to share my experience of Dubai during Ramadan, and hopefully encourage you to also visit.

‘Should I visit Dubai during Ramadan’ was a question I typed into Google many times before booking, and in short, yes!

I went with my two gal pals and we had such fun. It’s true what some articles say – Ramadan is a special time and it didn’t feel overly crowded, but yes you may be somewhat restricted in your consumption of food and entertainment. For us, it didn’t matter – we were staying in the Atlantis on the Palm (which was incredible) where nothing changed really (bar the odd restaurant becoming a buffet). We visited the Dubai Mall, and while some restaurants were shut in the day and we had to eat lunch in a sectioned off food hall (which felt no different to anywhere else), it was nothing noticeable.

If you, like me, were a bit on the fence about not just booking to go to Dubai during Ramadan but also persuade friends that it won’t impact their holiday, just do it! We got a great deal at the Atlantis because of the holiday so it was a win-win for us.

While you’re booking, read my top tips on what to do over there – particularly useful when planning your itinerary!

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