Hong Kong A-Z

Hong Kong is an array of colour, bright lights, food aromas and a breathtaking skyline. I felt it was like an Asian New York, and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring kids, parents, or even grandparents to this vibrant city.

These A-Z’s list out the non-mainstream restaurant, attractions and transport that I visited when exploring a city. I’ve also included a few tips that I picked up over my holiday.

Restaurants and bars

  • London Restaurant, Mong Kok; some of the best dim sum we had
  • Gaylord, Tsim Sha Tsui; a very good Indian restaurant
  • Tim Ho Wan, Mong Kok; Michelin starred fast food dim sum restaurant
  • Tai Hing, Mong Kok; cheap and cheerful Sichuan cuisine
  • Beerliner, Mong Kok; good but overpriced German restaurant
  • WooLooMoo Steakhouse, Wan Chai; supposed to be good but expensive steak but we went for the rooftop bar
  • Sun Thai, Wan Chai; decent and affordable Thai food
  • Pho Hà Nội, Jordan; small and cheap Vietnamese
  • Eyebar, Tsim Sha Tsui; highly recommended rooftop bar
  • Ozone bar, Tsim Sha Tsui; world’s highest bar inside the Ritz-Carlton but fairly expensive
  • Cathedral Cafe, Macau; great little Portuguese tavern
  • Happy Valley Racecourse pop ups, Happy Valley; lots of variety

Things to do


Supermarket and shopping

  • Marketplace, Mong Kok (and other locations); good for breakfast and snacks and larger than most the 7-11s
  • WanChai Computer Center, Wan Chai; good for electronics, phone cases, Apple Watch straps etc
  • But in reality there’s a large shopping centre always in walking distance


  • TurboJet ferry from Hong Kong to Macau
  • New Lantao Bus Co day pass; included in the Sky-Land-Sea Ngong Ping ticket
  • Tai O Boat Excursion; also included in the Sky-Land-Sea ticket
  • Taxi’s; they aren’t particularly expensive, we got to and from the airport both times for less than $300 HKD (c.£29)
  • Buses, trams and the MTR (subway/tube) are all very easy to use. See my tips further blow on Octopus cards

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