Hong Kong: The city of contrast

I’m two days into my Hong Kong adventures and have already dubbed it the city of contrast. Why? Well aside from the obvious – the stark difference from billionaires and poor, Michelin starred restaurants to street vendors – the city has a few other clear contrasts.

By day, the grey glass of the skyscrapers rule, enhanced by the fog and clouds that loom over the city. But by night, the rich colours and lights take over the streets and the feeling of being in Asia is very much alive.

The food selection is also a contrast in its own right – from traditional Cantonese cuisine and dimly lit restaurants to Choux pastry and candy shops, fluorescent Asian-pop cafes blow up flamingos to match, and everything in between.

But despite all of this, there’s a strange familiarity to it all. It’s not been westernised to the extent of Thailand (thanks to the non-stop gap year trade) but it doesn’t have the seriousness and chaos of India. I feel perfectly comfortable walking the streets – for a start, nobody looks twice at us blonde, pale, Brits, but the abundance of dual-language signs makes it incredibly easy to get around.

So far we’ve explored Mong Kok at night, visited the (free for some reason) Hong Kong Museum of History, and rode the Star Ferry. I’m also staying at the elegant Cordis at Langham Place hotel which, right in the middle of bustling Mong Kok, is a gem of relaxation.

Look out for my next blogs on this bright city, where I’ll be sharing three of my favourite views and reviewing some of the city’s top attractions and bars.

Flights: 11/13 hours direct via British Airways

Hotel: Cordis at Langham Place, booked via British Airways

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