London in 2017: the year of the bottomless

For me, 2017 was the rise of the bottomless bunch. Or I’ve just been oblivious to the trend. Either way, it’s now one of my favourite past-times thanks to trialling a fair few over the last year. And luckily for us prosecco lovers, London’s full of restaurants offering these food and drink deals.

I wanted to share a few that I’ve been to recently and let you know what I thought of them:

1. Unlimited Asian tapas and bottomless fizz at Inamo – ★★★★

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 21.33.40.png

Inamo talk a lot about their interactive tables in their marketing, and don’t get me wrong, they are cool… but it was the good price, tasty (and lots of it) food, and ability to be able to order from iPads (which is good when you have unlimited tapas but more important when you have 2 hours to drink enough prosecco for the deal to be worthwhile).

£30pp via Time Out London

2. Unlimited wings, fries and prosecco at Bird – ★★

If you love fried chicken, then Bird is probably a good place to go. But if like me, you’re not the biggest fan of tearing your teeth into wings, it’s not going to be an ideal match. They were some of the best wings I’ve had, but I’m not really a connoisseur. It wasn’t particularly expensive, especially as you can book a table up to 7pm so it became more of a bottomless dinner (a bonus when most of these offers tend to run on weekends and up until late afternoon). But you have to drink quite a bit for the deal to be worthwhile, because out of the 3 of us that went, nobody could finish their first skillet of 12 wings (which you can buy off the main menu for £11, and one Wednesday’s you can get 12 wings + a beer for £10) to make use of the unlimited factor. The fries on the otherhand…

£28pp via Time Out London

3. A slightly unusual bottomless brunch via the London Cookery School – ★★★

So this is a bit of a wild card but the London Cookery School effectively let you make one of their cooking classes (we did dim sum) bottomless (bring your own) for £3pp. Would I pay £99 for the class, which is the RRP if you book direct? Absolutely not. But the price we paid for a 4 hour activity including food was good value for money and a fun way to spend a Saturday. The option to BYO alcohol was a bonus too.

£36pp via Groupon (still available when I wrote this post)

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 22.15.53.png

4. A reliable classic at Hotbox – ★★★★

At the more expensive end of the scale, servers of ‘meaty barbeque masterpieces’ HotBox allow for a wide range of food choice because you simply pay £25pp to add 2 hours of unlimited prosecco or Bloody Mary’s onto your bill. The food is good and the servers did a good job at topping us up, but you’re looking at mimum £40 (and more if you want dessert..).

Expect to pay £12-15 minimum for food with £25 for bottomless drinks.


‘Pleasure without Champagne is purely artificial.’ – Oscar Wilde

I’ve yet to find a 5 star bottomless brunch, but I’m off to GOAT tomorrow. Their deal comes with a shared foccacia to start, a choice of main, unlimited sides, brownies for dessert, and 2 hours of prosecco/wine/beer/Bloody Mary. I think I might be on to a winner here… Fish Market has also been recommended, so I’ll probably try that out at some point.

Have you been to a really good bottomless brunch or dinner in London? Let me know as the one thing I know about 2018 is that it will involve more of these genius packages.

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